Electromediascope is an international survey of contemporary work in experimental film, video, new media and performance art presented at the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art in Kansas City.   Adjunct curators Patrick Clancy and Gwen Widmer combine film, video and new media within a single curatorial perspective that situates this work within the broader context of contemporary art.  

Currently in its 14th year, Electromediascope events take place on three consecutive Friday evenings in the Fall, Winter and Spring, a total of nine programs a year.  Specific topics that cover a broad range of contemporary issues in art and culture are selected for each seasonal program.  Electromediascope presents current work by both emerging and established living artists with occasional inclusions of historically important work when appropriate.  Once a year Electromediascope hosts an internationally acclaimed visiting artist for a performance or screening and discussion of their work.  Past visiting artists and scholars have included: Scott MacDonald, Wheeler Winston Dixon, Paul DeMarinis, Beth B, Ken Jacobs, Eric Saks, Leslie Thornton, Laetitia Sonami, Neil Sieling, Stephen Vitiello and Seoungho Cho, Irit Batsry, Toni Dove, Sara Diamond and Ernie Gehr.

programs are presented in Atkins Auditorium at 7:00 p.m.  This 500-seat proscenium space has a separate projection booth with the capability to show work in16mm film, miniDV, DVCam and DVD formats.  Projection from NTSC Beta SP can be arranged, and occasionally, 35mm work is screened off-site at a nearby theater.  The 90 to 100 minute programs are part of Ford Free Fridays and admission is free to the public.  With a regular following, audiences average 250 – 300 people.  One-page program notes that double as a publicity brochure accompany the screenings and are available upon request.  Both curators introduce the programs and also field questions and discussion afterward as time and interest allow.

Patrick Clancy (www.patrickclancy.org), an artist working with photography and new media, is chair of the Photography and New Media Department at Kansas City Art Institute.  He has been programming film and video in various cities and institutions for thirty years, including a major exhibition of video installation work that he organized in 1983.  Video As Attitude included 14 artists and was for many years the largest exhibition of video installation work to be presented in this country.

Gwen Widmer (www.gwenwidmer.org) is a visual artist based in Kansas City.  She and Patrick Clancy have worked collaboratively on both art and curatorial projects since 1981. 

Electromediascope is supported by the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art’s Department of Modern and Contemporary Art and the Rheta A. Sosland Fund. (www.nelson-atkins.org)

Gwen Widmer and Patrick Clancy
Electromediascope Co- Curators

Email: gwen@gwenwidmer.org

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